The event of a thread

The event of a thread by Ann Hamilton Thoughtfully created, stylishly presented and brilliantly articulated. One of the most frustrating things for viewers when encountering installation art or any form of art is that they often feel like they “don’t get it”. I personally don’t think art is ever made to be “gotten” or understood so such an attempt is often frustrating and futile. I have to admit that even with my degree in fine arts, I also find myself frequently in this kind of situation especially with installation art. It’s not that I don’t grasp the concept or am too slack to decipher the context or to read the artist statement. I just often myself either cannot or am not interested in relating to the the art itself or the experience it creates. Gradually I lose taste for it. This morning I came across a clip on The Event of a Thread via a friend’s post on Facebook. It immediately draws me in. It’s refreshing to see such a scale of work that’s so captivating in every element and every detail. I find it ironic that this piece is created intentionally to be experienced physically yet I am watching clips of it on the internet and talking about it as if I have been there to see it firsthand. I think one of the reason for this piece to be so captivating and engaging to viewers is that every one can relate to the experience it creates. Not every one can understand or appreciate fully the artistic concept behind it but every one can relate, engage and interpret in his and her own way the experience and the atmosphere the artist has meticulously and artfully created.


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