Abstractly expressed in home decoration

One of the most popular freelance jobs for artists is to decorate friends and family’s newly purchased homes. I had such an honour to contribute my artistic skills last night at dinner over at my friends’ new house. Nice open concept living-dining-kitchen space with high ceiling and modern minimalistic furnitures and fixtures. Black, natural wood and various shades of grey saturate the space. My contribution is simply to reassure them that everything looks great and promise to find a must-have-over-the-fireplace-mantle painting for them. This impromptu job offer led me to dust off my mental art history reservoir. Given the space it’s not a surprise that I started looking up abstract expressionism right away. I have always been partial to that period or movement or whatever the critics want or don’t want to label it as, so it wasn’t too difficult to make a list of artists for the lovely couple to look through and tell me what they can see being in their home for the next little while. The list starts predictably with Jasper Johns, Robert Motherwell, Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollocks, Miro, Kandinsky, Paul Klee, De Stijl and on you go. I have to say it is kind of nostalgic looking through all these images again.


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