David T Cho

There has been a trend for galleries on South Granville to move Eastward for more affordable rent and larger space in the past couple years. 10 years ago I could spend a whole afternoon on South Granville by foot going from gallery to gallery to see all the latest exhibitions; now I have to come up with a strategic plan to drive all over town to see all the exhibitions I want to see. Yea I know, first world problem. Regardless, it is always exciting to see new gallery space popping up and featuring hidden and emerging talents. Last night I was at the opening reception of David T Cho‘s second solo exhibition at Float in Tinseltown. I had the honour to host his first solo show in The Upper Room. It’s easy to be impressed by David’s paintings. I would describe his paintings as Loud, powerful and very much in your face. Viewers can recognize his subject matters quickly, which usually allow people be able to relate the art works even with minimum artistic knowledge and context. His choice of medium (size, colour and material) and expressive brush strokes make his works appealing and exciting. As an emerging artist he also produces enough works (and new works) to have another solo show within 2 years. For his first show in The Upper Room we played off the idea of having really large paintings in really confined space to exaggerate the presence of the paintings themselves and the vibe that they convey. It worked well. People were really impressed by David’s paintings and the particular experience of seeing them in such a confined space. This current exhibition is shown in a much bigger space than The Upper Room. Float is approximately 2000sqft. I love its almost perfect square open space; it allows enough space for traffic and viewing distance. It gives David’s paintings much breathing space, which creates a very difference sensual experience than his first show.

This is Float‘s first official exhibition and I anticipate all the upcoming shows. The owner uses the space primarily as a studio and a classroom for children’s art classes but he plans to also use the space as a non-profit gallery as a show case for hidden and emerging talents. David’s show will be on from February 8-22, 2013.Float opens 11am-4pm every day except on Saturdays. There are FREE underground parking in the building. The gallery is located on the 2nd floor of the International Village Mall on #2069-88 West Pender Street, Vancouver.


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