NY Primitivism

Jules de Balincourt
An interview on New York Primitivism with Jules De Balincourt by Katya Tylevich. Full interview in Elephant Magazine Issue #13.

Q: What do you see as the contradictions and extremes in your work?
A: I think there’s a tension in my paintings between figuration and abstraction. I’m often tempted to bring in a figurative element, to insert a recognizable reality into my paintings, but that would be too east, wouldn’t it? The question is: How do you make an abstract painting but also communicates something outside of its own inner workings as an abstract painting? I’m not interested in lines and shapes alone. In patterns, colours or beauty. I’m interested in the way those things build up to the ideas I want to convey. I want to make abstract painting that has the energy of figurative work, and the same kind of anxiety, angst or complexity. Then again, even a figurative painting is an abstract painting. You might feel you recognize an image in a figurative work, but it’s also made of abstract shapes and lines.


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