2014 Formosa Trip/1.27-2.08

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Taiwan is such a beautiful place. I prefer its old name, Formosa (beautiful island). The European explorers was spot-on. This was a much anticipated trip. Not only has it been 6 years since I last visited Taiwan but also the first time in 17 years that the whole family would be together for Chinese New Year in this beautiful and warm homeland. I can’t express adequately all the warmth and love I experienced this time. It was emotionally overwhelming. I felt so at home yet at the same time felt like I was visiting a country I had never been before. There was so much to see and to take in (physically and mentally). I had my D90 and iPhone 5 with me the whole time filming and taking pictures. I didn’t want to miss any moment there.  I tried to take in all (again physically and with the help of my lenses) the delicious food, the rich culture, the colourful sceneries and the chaotic orderliness that is so uniquely Taiwanese. The photos are a glimpse of what I saw and experienced on this wonderful trip, mostly in KaoHsuing, ChiaYi and TaiChung.


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