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Following the 4th #wecanalldraw exhibition I would like to present another drawing exhibition featuring works by local artist, Jun-Han Lin. Lin creates under the pen name – Yoonhanim, the same identity as his social media presence. Lin’s works are in the conventional form of drawing, using colour pencils, depicting portrait theme narratives. There is a softness in his rendering of lines and colours that creates an easy and relaxed atmosphere in these images. Lin’s way of expression is gentle and not forceful or confrontational, as if the artist simply takes a spectatorial position in drawing these people’s daily life. This series of drawings possess a similar spectatorial view and sketch style as courtroom sketches. Courtroom artists are impartial spectators observing and depicting a semi-public social activity. In a very similar way, Lin does not want to meddle with or intrude theses people’s life but is simply intrigued by their public social media activities and simply starts drawing the images that interest him. These drawings are not meant to address or stir up awareness for any particular social issues. They are visual compositions of what the artist sees and feels. The exhibition, @yoonhanim, will be in The Taste and See Shop from April 1 to 30, 2016.

Here are the questions I asked Jun-Han about this particular series of drawings:

  • How long does it take for you to finish a drawing?
  • How many drawings did you produce in 2015?
  • Who are the subjects in these drawings? How are you related or not related to them?
  • Do the subjects in these drawings get to see the finished drawings? If so, what are their responses?

Here is his response to the questions:

Art is an expressive form to communicate the thoughts and feelings of the artist to his/her audiences. Art has no boundaries, but is guided by the concepts and directions of the artist. In this series of work I express my thoughts through the form of illustrations of images that peak my interest from the social media app, Instagram. Most of the images are from a group of friends living in the city of Moscow, Russian Federation. There are approximately 400 some illustrations I did from April to October of 2015. Each day I would draw 1 to 2 images and upload them onto my Instagram account as a form of my study journal. Each image takes about 30 minutes to 3 hours to complete. The seemingly complex images are actually the easier ones to do than the seemingly simple images, and take the least amount of time to complete. I always tag the images of the people drawn so they can see the works. I received more responses than I expected. Russia is a nation known for its long history of refined and elegant culture of fine arts and performances so I was afraid that my works would not be up to their standards. However, most of the responses were positive and these audience continually to support my creative practice even when I move on to other subject matters. They would even send me image of their friends to draw because they love my illustration style so much. Through Instagram I now have followers in Europe and Asia but fame gain is not what I am seeking after. I am simply using this platform to reach out to a broad audience with my art.


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