Notes on ECU 2016

There are more large scale works and installation pieces than ever this year in The Show, the annual Emily Carr University Graduation Exhibition. There are also some noticeable changes in the curating approach. Instead of designating a single wall space or corner for each student, they mix them up this year. This approach makes The Show in its entirety more like a coherent curated group exhibition rather than an art fair where each student gets an booth to showcase their individual body of works. Every year it is evident to see some pieces that are stronger than others. I do not mean to discredit or take for granted each student’s creative efforts but there will always be some that are more outstanding than others. In the past, these outstanding pieces usually get the most prominent/visible places like the Concourse Gallery in the overall exhibition space; but this year, they or whoever made the curating decision distribute all the pieces evenly, which strategically create a very balanced and well-thought out exhibition. There also seem to be more pieces than ever. It will definitely take more than a single visit to go through The Show.


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