Connect the dots

Connect the dots is an on-going series of instructional drawings that encapsulates my interest in deconstrcutionism, conceptualism and minimalism. It also reflects my observation on the general public’s often dismissing attitude toward conceptual art and minimalistic visual forms. Instructions for these drawings are based on the concept and form of connect the dots by numbers. They are designed to engage random participants of all ages and backgrounds in a two-part drawing session. In the first part, participants are instructed to make a composition of straight lines by connecting all the dots on paper. In the second part, they are instructed to connect all the dots on paper by numbers. The result demonstrates how one set of instructions can facilitate different individual visual interpretations and compositions. The core concept of these instructional drawings is to stimulate the innate artistic ability to interpret and to compose visually. The purpose of such stimulation is to create an accessibility for any viewer to engage in these seemingly simple and concept-driven art forms instead of shying away or dismissing their artistic value. The main artistic concern of these instructional drawings is to elicit the viewers to invest their time in an art experience.


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