Urban Pastel

Urban Pastel is a series of photographic juxtaposed images depicting the changing cityscapes and natural landscapes in Richmond. These images are mostly taken with an iPhone camera as I stroll and bike around the city. Then they are manipulated digitally in the studio as I recall how I response to each scenery as I pass it. The process of taking these photos reflects my observation of the changing city as a long time resident and the process of juxtaposition reflects my contemplation of this change as a visual artist. On the one hand, the medium of photography allows me to document accurately the scenery. On the other hand, these images can be easily redefined and manipulated by digital imaging software. The process of documenting and juxtaposing especially underscore the “ongoing relationship between the natural landscapes of Richmond and the city’s rapidly growing built environment.” The pastel palettes are meant to soften the grimness of the concrete site in this bustling city centre; they also represent something innocent, naive and undeveloped in contrast to the rapidly developed civil structures. The contrast between the concrete structure and the pastel images will spark an unique visual experience. I am particularly interested in this site specific art project because it allows access for general public to experience it whether knowingly or unknowingly. It is open to all, just like the cityscapes and the landscapes.


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