Grandpa’s Handwriting

I have always loved stationery: paper, pen, pencils, writing kits, drawing kits, stamps, clips, etc. But it was never something I seriously get in depth into. I just love collecting random items that appeal to me. This year I had an opportunity to work for a stationery shop. This work opportunity not only got me into researching and comparing different brands of stationary but also into refining my handwriting (both in Chinese and in English). I remember my grandpa from my father’s side used to write greeting cards to all the family members with his fountain pen. He has the neatest handwriting I have ever seen. I loved watching him write. Unlike me who just write on any accessible flat surface, he always sat at his desk with a straight posture dressed in ironed shirt and slacks. For him, even writing a seasonal greeting card to his children was like writing an important document. I used to think he was too serious about it but every time I opened the mail, I could felt the weightiness of his care and sincerity from his marks. Grandpa stopped writing greeting cards about 10 years ago because his eyesight was getting dim. He felt embarrassed sending ugly handwriting to his family because he thought it would not convey his thoughts and feelings adequately. I used to take for granted these greeting cards but now I wish someone in the family can continue this tradition. I am not proud of my handwriting but since I have more opportunity to practice now, my new year resolution for 2017 will be to refine my handwriting and to resume the tradition of writing greeting cards with a fountain pen to family members. Happy twenty seventeen and happy birthday to grandpa.


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